Valentine’s Day Bow Collection

I am so excited that my new “Valentine’s Day” line is ready!  If you thought that my regular collection was cute, you are just going to melt when you see all the pinky bows and red bows. I know because I almost fainted when it was finished.
I know I was a little late, but all my homework just piled on me! But now they are ready for YOU, and as you can  see or atleast read is that I’m extremely excited. My favorite bow is the one with the small colorful flowers, I wanted to keep it but Mom said that it was for sale(good for you, bad for me, hah! =0)
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them, customize your style with the new Valentine’s Day Collection!  ❤ XOXO ❤
To get a beautiful bow from The Valentine’s Day Line, just click here: and go to the “size button” to select the size you want,  and please  leave a message telling me what is your favorite one.  Thank you !

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