Monthly Archives: July 2012

A unique denim flower

I got a really special flower from my mom, it’s so unique and beautiful; and no one in the world has this pretty flower except for me.  YAYYY!!  I’m so glad I have it!  My mom gave it to me when I came back from my church youth camp. By the way, I really want to thank every single one of you that bought bows which gave me the money to go to my camp; Which was a great blessing in my life! Thank you everyone and God bless !!  XoXo   =D



The cutest celebrity couples

As everyone knows, the most famous couples in the world for generations are:  Mom and daughter (my favorite), big sister and little sister, aunty and niece, cousin and baby cousin, even grandma and grand daughter; Or you just name it!!  And for all these amazing couples,  Bows by Belen has beautiful and unique bows.  Get one or more of the bow couples, save some money and be the cutest celebrity couple in the whole world!!   Mom and I already got a couple of bows for us, what about you?

To get a couple or more of these beautiful bows, just click here: go to your favorite one and please click  the add to cart button.  Happy shopping!!  =)

Barack Obama in Jacksonville – Florida, did shopping at Bows by Belen

The President of the United States bought some bows from me, when he was in town yesterday? OMG!!! I can’t believe it!! … Just in my dreams  =(    I wish he did, but no, he didn’t.   In my opinion he looks cool with my bow, kind of weird but cool LOL.  I prefer to see his beautiful daughters showing my bows, for real! As you see guys, Bows by Belen makes bows for everyone,  I mean it!! for everyoone.   Right Mr. President?  😉