This is my Story

One day I was in my room, thinking about the hard economic situation my parents were going through and I was feeling guilty because I could not help them with some money.

I thought about my church too and how bad my Pastor was feeling because they cannot help the families in need there. Those realities (my family and my church) were present in my life.

I remember that during the last spring break I was talking to my mom and I was thinking to actually start a business. Even though it wasn’t new for me (I’ve tried some small sales by myself) I was eager to start again with that idea, but this time I wanted something that will give some profit.

Starting with this concept, I worked hard trying to think in the developing of product that I can sell, something special, made only by myself, a product with a style of its own, made by my hands.

Mom offered me her help and that is when “Bows by Belen” was born. Beautiful bows for your hair, colorful and 100% handmade.

Mom and I went shopping for all the needed materials and I was the main investor. Way before starting this business, Mom made me commit with my brand and product and she reminded me that everything could be reached with discipline, sacrifice and perseverance.

I worked very hard during all my Spring break (yep, I lost my vacations) and when we saw the first bow finished and packed up with my brand, It was a great victory for all my family!  I made the package rustic and with my favorite colors. I really love my bows, because they have my personal touch!  =)

The first week of sales was sad. It was then when I realized that all the plans that I make in life I have to present them to the LORD first, because HE is who has already granted us the victory!

The following Tuesday, before the praying service in my church, I waited for the Pastor to leave a meeting and talked to him. I showed him my bows and I asked him to pray for my new business. He congratulated me for my bright idea and later on he asked me the one million dollars question: ” Before we pray Belencita, tell me, what is the purpose of your business? After the question, I was shocked, and after a short pause, I answered him: “To get money”. The pastor said” Money for what?…” And I said: “Ehhh…  Ahhh…”

Pastor said to me: ” Look Belencita, all in life has to have a purpose, you should  think about it. Whether is making money to buy things for you, to buy your parents a better car or to save money for your college, etc, etc.; We are going to pray for your business, though I think the LORD will bless this business, you have to think first about which is going to be the purpose behind it and this will be accomplished for the glory of GOD.

After this little chat with my Pastor and when we finished the praying service. While I was walking with my parents to the car. I saw everything crystal clear and I felt so excited about it: The purpose of my business was to support my church with part of the profits!! Then,  I ran to my Pastor to tell him my recently found purpose and he was so proud of me, as well as my parents.

“If I put my Heavenly Father first, he will take care of me”

Until today, a percentage of my sales will go to support my church.

How I did after talking with my Pastor and having him praying for me? Well, it was awesome!  We sold everything in less than a week. Mom and I rushed to the store to buy more fabrics and threads.

Thanks everyone for shopping at “Bows by Belen”  And God Bless you! !  ( as is on the label of my bows)   =o)


5 responses to “This is my Story

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  2. Blessings to you! God will use you mightily!

  3. Thank you for the kind words Brenda! God bless you too!! 😀

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