Important FAQs

Thanks for visiting and shopping “Bows by Belen”  I’m glad you are here!  And I really hope you enjoy this amazing trip through my blog.  All my beautiful bows are 100% handmade and they are original from my own designed.  Bows by Belen are handmade with love♥  You can tell !

What types of payments are accepted?

 ♥ I accept credit cards and Paypal.

What about shipping?

♥ All packages are shipped USPS First Class within 5 business days.

♥ Shipping upgrades are available upon request and additional charges will be passed along to customer.

♥ If the bow is already made and unless we say differently in the listing, we ship within 2-3 business days(some times It’s less) of receiving the payment.

♥ If the bow listed  sold out I can make a new one for you.  I will take extra days to ship.  Approx. 5-6 business days of receiving the payment (depends of the number of bows you order).

How much is shipping?

Ship to:

United States:

♥ $2.50 USD  (1 item)

♥ $3.70 USD  (2 – 3 items)

♥ $5.50 USD  (4 – 6 items)

♥ $7.50 USD  (7 – 9 items)

♥ $12 USD     (10 – 15 items)

♥ 16 items and more, please contact me to calculate shipping.


♥ Please, contact me to calculate S&H.

How many sizes of bows do you have?

I have 3 sizes of bows:

♥ Small      : $2.95 USD

♥ Medium  : $3.95 USD and

♥ Big           : $4.95 USD

What happen if my favorite bow have been sold?

It’s not a big deal.  I can make your favorite bow!  Just send me an email telling me which bow you want me to make  😉

It will take extra days (two to three days) to ship it.

What is your return policy?

My bows have a high standard of quality and have a great finish to make all my customers happy.   I really appreciate that you’d  be sure about your shopping, due to the nature of my products, items cannot be returned.  If you have a problem with your product, please contact me within 24-48 hours.  Thank you!

Important Information

♥ All my bows are handmade and no two items are exactly alike.  That’s the beauty of handmade.

♥ Width and height of my bows are in inches.  The dimensions are approximate because they are handmade bows.

♥ Questions?  Feel free to contact me at: bowsbybelen7@gmail.com

 Custom orders are always welcomed!  Enjoy your shopping!!


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