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The cutest celebrity couples

As everyone knows, the most famous couples in the world for generations are:  Mom and daughter (my favorite), big sister and little sister, aunty and niece, cousin and baby cousin, even grandma and grand daughter; Or you just name it!!  And for all these amazing couples,  Bows by Belen has beautiful and unique bows.  Get one or more of the bow couples, save some money and be the cutest celebrity couple in the whole world!!   Mom and I already got a couple of bows for us, what about you?

To get a couple or more of these beautiful bows, just click here: bowsbybelen.blogspot.com go to your favorite one and please click  the add to cart button.  Happy shopping!!  =)


The biggest and most amazing flower in the whole world: By Bows by Belen

The bigger the better! A new huge, amazing, unique flower has been created.  There’s nothing like it. It’s soo pretty that I begged my mom to keep it but… You know what happened…  So, I really hope you love it as much as I do!    And you can get this wonderful huge flower for just:  $11.95

Flower measures approximately 5.91 inches across and is attached to 1.77 inches alligator clip.  To buy this unique flower, please click here: bowsbybelen.blogspot.com     Thank you for shopping!!  =)

2012 Spring Collection

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!! I’m so excited for my new Spring Collection that has just been released. Sorry that I launched it so late,  but I was really busy with FCAT ‘s and everything. But now I finished and these bows are super cute.  You can get bows with:  Tiny flowers, vintage flowers, brilliant and soft colors, just pick one or more of these.

I hope you guys love them as much as me.  A lot of work has been put into this lovely Spring Collection, so I really hope you LOVE them!!! 😀

To get one or more bows of my 2012 Spring Collection, just click here: http://bowsbybelen.blogspot.com  and go to the “size button” to select the size you want, and please leave a message telling me which are your favorite bows.  You can buy more than one.  Thanks for shopping!!! =)

Bows by Belen as unique as my packages

This time, I want to talk about the special packages of my bows.  I make them very carefully and i have so much fun making each one. There is a sealable bag to put in your bow after you use it. so It doesn’t get damaged.  Also,  I personally make each and everyone unique. The paper of the label is made with grocery paper bags so I recycled them to be eco- friendly!!  And the best part?  All labels have my original and personal signature.   It takes time, but I do know Its worthy it!!

Colorful and pretty things for your hairstyle

Attach these adorable bows in your hair and change your outfit, with a soft original touch… For real!  The best part in the whole world:  No one has them, because all of them are unique.  They are handmade with love for you!  (That’s my tagline, OMG!!)

If my bows look so pretty in the pictures, can you imagine them in your hair?  Don’t wait to get them!!  = [)

To get these cute bows, just click here: http://bowsbybelen.blogspot.com  and go to the “size button” to select the size you want,  and please  leave a message telling me which are your favorite bows.   You can buy more than one!

Thank you ! !

Cute handmade bows ready to go

I told my mom we have to take my beautiful bows out of the packages to take some pictures, and guess what? My Mom got… Well, you know… =(
I think my bows look amazing in their cases! By the way, doing those cute packages always It’s my favorite part of this business; And now, all of them are ready to go! :[)

To get these cute handmade bows, just click here: http://bowsbybelen.blogspot.com  and please  leave a message telling me which are your favorite bows.   You can buy more than one!

Thank you ! !

Beautiful bows for many styles in Jacksonville- Florida

My bows are not only to be used as a nice accessory for your hairstyle, they can also be used wherever you want. You can place them in:  Your purses, on your favorites jeans, on your winter hats, headbands, on your pinky basket or even on your shirts.  You can use your beautiful bow with the original bobby pin or carefully change it for a safety pin, regarding the place where you want to show it.

Let your imagination fly and you’ll see how your favorite outfits will become an original and colorful thing.

Enjoy your Bows by Belen (meeee!!)   Xoxo  =0)