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Kanzashi: A complicated name for such a beautiful flower

At the beginning I though I’ll put the “wiki“definition of these pretty flowers, but OMG!!  It’s to long but kind of interesting (BTW if you want, you can check the whole info here).  That’s why I rather leave you with the nice pictures of the new flowers of Bows by Belen:  The Kanzashi Collection.  Beautiful japanese flowers, made proudly in Americaaa!!  Yaaaay!!   Xoxo

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Back to School Collection

I can’t believe it!!  My summer vacations are gone, but I’m kind of excited to start 8th grade.  Well… I have to confess something:  I love schooool and I love jeaaans -skinny- LOL!!!  That’s why I prepared with my mom this special collection of preciosas denim flowers.  Let me introduce you the Back to School Collection.  I spent a lot of time with mom taking care of the small details of this one (doing the cover buttons and more)  I’m so glad with the results.  I really felt in love with this colorful and pretty collection

You can get these denim flowers for just $6 each.  Enjoy this new line!!  😀

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Each flower measures approximately 3.15 inches across, the size of the button is 7/8″ and the flower is attached to an 1.77 inches alligator clip.

Olympics Limited Edition

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A unique denim flower

I got a really special flower from my mom, it’s so unique and beautiful; and no one in the world has this pretty flower except for me.  YAYYY!!  I’m so glad I have it!  My mom gave it to me when I came back from my church youth camp. By the way, I really want to thank every single one of you that bought bows which gave me the money to go to my camp; Which was a great blessing in my life! Thank you everyone and God bless !!  XoXo   =D


2012 Spring Collection

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!! I’m so excited for my new Spring Collection that has just been released. Sorry that I launched it so late,  but I was really busy with FCAT ‘s and everything. But now I finished and these bows are super cute.  You can get bows with:  Tiny flowers, vintage flowers, brilliant and soft colors, just pick one or more of these.

I hope you guys love them as much as me.  A lot of work has been put into this lovely Spring Collection, so I really hope you LOVE them!!! 😀

To get one or more bows of my 2012 Spring Collection, just click here: http://bowsbybelen.blogspot.com  and go to the “size button” to select the size you want, and please leave a message telling me which are your favorite bows.  You can buy more than one.  Thanks for shopping!!! =)

Valentine’s Day Bow Collection

I am so excited that my new “Valentine’s Day” line is ready!  If you thought that my regular collection was cute, you are just going to melt when you see all the pinky bows and red bows. I know because I almost fainted when it was finished.
I know I was a little late, but all my homework just piled on me! But now they are ready for YOU, and as you can  see or atleast read is that I’m extremely excited. My favorite bow is the one with the small colorful flowers, I wanted to keep it but Mom said that it was for sale(good for you, bad for me, hah! =0)
I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them, customize your style with the new Valentine’s Day Collection!  ❤ XOXO ❤
To get a beautiful bow from The Valentine’s Day Line, just click here:  http://bowsbybelen.blogspot.com and go to the “size button” to select the size you want,  and please  leave a message telling me what is your favorite one.  Thank you !

Colorful and pretty things for your hairstyle

Attach these adorable bows in your hair and change your outfit, with a soft original touch… For real!  The best part in the whole world:  No one has them, because all of them are unique.  They are handmade with love for you!  (That’s my tagline, OMG!!)

If my bows look so pretty in the pictures, can you imagine them in your hair?  Don’t wait to get them!!  = [)

To get these cute bows, just click here: http://bowsbybelen.blogspot.com  and go to the “size button” to select the size you want,  and please  leave a message telling me which are your favorite bows.   You can buy more than one!

Thank you ! !