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My first bow

I made this pinky bow for my adorable baby cousin Mónica Marie.  She was born on April 4th and this was my way to tell to this cute princess:  Welcome to the world!!  The size of this mini bow is just  2.17 x 1.77″  (It’s so tiny OMG!!)               I really love the soft fabric and its special sparkles.  You can not fall in love with this cute bow (pretty pleasee!) because I gave my word to my little cousin that  NO ONE is going to have it, so I can’t reproduce it, at all.  Good for her and bad for you guys!!  😉  Sorry about that!   And God bless you, Mónica Marieee!!


Cute handmade bows ready to go

I told my mom we have to take my beautiful bows out of the packages to take some pictures, and guess what? My Mom got… Well, you know… =(
I think my bows look amazing in their cases! By the way, doing those cute packages always It’s my favorite part of this business; And now, all of them are ready to go! :[)

To get these cute handmade bows, just click here: http://bowsbybelen.blogspot.com  and please  leave a message telling me which are your favorite bows.   You can buy more than one!

Thank you ! !