New inspiration from Ecuador to Bows by Belen

Hello everyone!! ¬†First of all I would like to apologize because I’ve practically left aside my blog ūüė¶ ¬†But I’m here again with exciting good news!! ¬†I got amazing material and stuff from my lovely country of birth: ¬†Ecuador. ¬†My Aunties and my Grandma gave me all this cute stuff from my childhood hometown, Guayaquil. ¬†This new material gave me a special inspiration to develop new products for Bows by Belen. ¬†So, I’m not only going to work with fabrics for my bows but also with grosgrain ribbon (My favorite was the polka-dot one!) ¬†Thank God for my beloved family who always support me and for all of you that will be part of my upcoming New Collections.

So guys, be prepared to see new and unique products from Bows by Belen; And as said in my country: Sí es hecho en Ecuador, es mucho mejor!   ♥Xoxo♥

Ribbon grosgrain and cute buttons from Ecuador by Bows by Belen


Ribbon grosgrain and cute buttons from Ecuador by Bows by Belen


Happy, happy, happy…

Pretty Handmade Flowers and Cute Hair Bows by Bows by Belen

My Bow Collection for Spring 2013. Doing over Spring Break!!

I love Spring!! There’s¬†so many pretty colors and flowers everywhere. I know I haven’t posted new bows in a while, but I have now, and I’m soo excited.

I would like to present to you my beautiful Spring Collection that we’ve worked so hard on!! ¬†(me + my mommy). ¬†These flowers and designs ¬†that are in my bows are delicate and so gorgeous!

Woow!!  Everytime I launch a new collection I got for myself too!!
I hope you guys, enjoy my New Spring Collection 2013, as much as I do!!
What a productive Spring Break, huh??¬†¬†ūüėČ

colorful flowers and turquoise Spring handmade hair bowSpring purple flowers and purple Spring handmade hair bowparty flower colors and white Spring handmade hair bowgray flowers and neon yellow Spring handmade hair bowburgundy little flowers and red Spring handmade hair bowlight green and turquoise Spring handmade hair bowtiny purple flowers and purple Spring handmade hair bow


Valentine’s Collection 2013. Something really special!!

I can’t believe that I’m introducing to you my¬†Valentine’s Felt Brooch Collection. ¬†The most cute collection ever!¬†I love the brilliant colors¬†of ¬†this amazing material: ¬†Felt; The way you can mix them up is very nice. Each brooch was carefully hand cut + sewn and¬†has delicate details like buttons, beads and ribbon. ¬†OMG!!! Que linda que est√° mi nueva collecci√≥n!!¬†ūüėÄ

Show your love to your BFF, family members (or even for yourself) by giving your heart with this lovely Valentine’s Brooch Collection. ¬†And¬†Bows by Belen made it specially for you! ¬†Enjoy your shopping¬†and¬†Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!! ¬†‚ô•¬†‚ô•¬†‚ô•


Be on the lookout for something new soon!

Look what I got!! It’s like a jumbo pillow¬†but it’s not.¬† It’s tons of tons of poly-fil to create a lot of pretty things.¬† I have some ideas of what to do with my new stuff and I think now it’s a perfect time, because Valentine’s Day is coming up.¬† Please, be prepared because Bows by Belen has several surprises for you.¬† So guys, something really pretty is¬†coming sooooon!! ¬†ūüėÄ




Super Bowl Best Ad ever

Bows by Belen is celebrating its First Anniversary!

Bows by Belen is celebrating its First Anniversary?? ¬†That means… meee (Belen) YAAAY!! ¬†I’m so happy! ¬†OMG!! ¬†(as you can see me on my picture)¬†ūüėĬ†¬†Actually,¬†I can’t believe, that one year ago I did my first post on my blog:¬†“Beautiful bows for many styles”¬† Woow!! Time flies, for real!! ¬†I began with my little tiny¬†small business¬†more than a year ago, but my family and friends encourage me¬†to present my products online. That’s why¬†¬†was born on internet. ¬†I’m so glad to have¬†my beautiful products online, because has been a great chance¬†to show my talent to the world!! ¬†I really want to say THANK YOU, first to the Lord, because¬†He makes everything possible! ¬†I want to say thanks to my parents (specially to my mom) for their support through this first year and I’m so thankful to all my family, friends and my Pastor. ¬†Thank you everyone for all your prayers,¬†for shopping, for commenting, for all your “likes” and for your kind words. ¬†God bless all of you guuys!! ¬†Without your support, this dream of¬†Bows by Belen¬†couldn’t be possible. ¬†I love you from the bottom of my heart!! ¬†And congratulations to Bows by Belen for its First Anniversary!! ¬†YAAAY!! ¬†‚ô•Xoxo‚ô•


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